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University of Oregon student sues 2 vape companies

A University of Oregon student has sued two vape companies in class action lawsuit, saying he suffered a seizure after using the products and that the companies were negligent in their marketing.

The Oregon Daily Emerald first reported that Kewmarse Imani has sued Juul and Altria, another vape company. The complaint alleges that both companies were negligent and that they marketed the e-cigarettes to young adults and those who didn’t already vape.

According to the Emerald, Imani began using Juul vape products in 2018 and had no history of using nicotine. He alleges that he was not warned about the health effects of e-cigarettes or how much nicotine was in Juul’s nicotine pods. Imani alleged that he is now addicted to nicotine and had seizures as a result of using the e-cigarettes.

The suit also alleges that the vape companies marketed e-cigarettes to minors and failed to warn users that the products have a higher concentration of nicotine than competing products. The suit claims that Juul targeted people who didn’t smoke, rather than smokers who were trying to quit using cigarettes, and designed the product to appeal to young people, using features like fruity flavors.

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