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NKY man fears vaping caused medical condition as CDC investigates cases

As concerns have grown about the health effects connected to vaping, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has confirmed doctors have treated a patient who vaped, with an illness that could not be linked to any other factors.

A local man talked with WLWT about his fear that vaping may have caused his own health issues.

“I had no problems before in my life, nothing,” Michael Current said.

Current is trying to solve a medical mystery.

He said he spent 11 days in the hospital, after he had sharp pain, shortness of breath and doctors found fluid around his collapsed right lung.

He said the inside of the lung resembled an orange peel.

“They had to, you know, get all that fluid out and I’m laying in bed for days getting this fluids draining,” Current said.

He said there was 7 liters of fluid.

Current said he has been vaping for years as an alternative to cigarettes, which he used to smoke.

But he is concerned, following the death of a patient in Illinois considered the first linked to vaping.

Monday, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital confirmed doctors have treated a patient who admitted to vaping and whose illness couldn’t be linked to anything else.

Dr. D.P. Suresh with St. Elizabeth Healthcare said vaping is at a level of epidemic proportions, especially with teens.

“It’s a chemical irritant. None of our lungs are made the same way. For all you know, the kid may have asthma. Next thing you know, it’s a new chemical and they get really sick. So this may be the tip of the iceberg we are seeing,” Suresh said.

Meanwhile, Current hopes doctors and health officials will learn more, as he recovers from his own illness.

“They said so far so good. But they’re all scratching their heads. I said, ‘How did this happen?’ and they just don’t, they don’t know. I don’t know,” Current said.

Current said he still vapes some, and the closest diagnosis his doctors could make was pneumonia.

Children’s Hospital could not confirm names, specific illnesses or any other information.

The American Vaping Association has issued a statement that said “tainted, black market THC products” are to blame for the illnesses.

It has also called on federal officials to clear nicotine vaping products of suspicion.

Dan Griffith/WLWT5