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Langley elementary school students taken to hospital after ‘contact’ with vape device

Five Langley elementary school students had to be taken to the hospital on Friday after they had ‘contact’ with a vape device, according to the school district.

The students, who attend R.C. Garnett Demonstration School, found a discarded vape device during recess.

“A staff member noticed a small group of students handling a vape device found on the school field. It appears the students were playing with the device and had contact with the liquid contents,” says a release from the Langley school district.

The release adds that staff called an ambulance after being advised to do so by B.C. Poison Control, parents were contacted immediately, and the students were taken to hospital “out of an abundance of caution.”

Parents have taken to social media to say the students drank the fluid in the vape devices and felt ill afterwards. The release does not confirm these details.

“The school conducts daily sweeps of school property for any trash, glass, and drug paraphernalia,” the district writes. “School staff will be discussing the dangers of picking up unknown objects with students.”