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Indiana teen nearly dies from vaping habit of ‘100 times a day’

An Indiana teen who smoked his e-cigarette around 100 times each day says he nearly died from a vaping-related illness.

Cooper Stevens, 16, said he constantly uses his Juul before he fell sick last month, news station ABC13 reported.

“I had it on me like every second of the day,” Stevens said, adding that he smoked it “probably at least 100 times a day.”

But three weeks ago, he began suffering from headaches, body aches and a fever, according to the news station.

He went to visit a doctor but his health continued to deteriorate. The teen’s mother brought him days later to the emergency room, where he was determined to be in respiratory distress, ABC13 reported.

“He couldn’t breathe. At one point he looked at his mom and he asked, ‘Mom am I going to die?’” said Dr. Jamie Bohnke, a physician at Riley Hospital for Children, according to ABC13.

The teen was hospitalized with lung inflammation for two weeks — nine days of which he spent on a ventilator.

“I felt like my body was shutting down, really,” Cooper told the news outlet.

His mother said she feared that her son’s vaping habit would cost him his life.

“How you could go from being perfectly healthy to near death and multi-organ system failure and have the doctors look at you and say, ‘Be prepared your child may not recover’?” Jacy Stevens told ABC13.

The teen’s health improved, however, and he has since been released from the hospital.

“I just to go forward from here and try to help people to not vape, like my friends,” he told the news station.

Jackie Salo/NY Post