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Downsville woman seriously injured after vape explodes in her hand

DOWNSVILLE, La. – A fiery explosion that shook Kimberly Wright to the core.
Leaving her hand burning from the inside out and days later.

“It’s the most violent acute pain that I have ever felt,” said Wright.

Wright says had just replaced the lithium batteries in her vape when the sparks flew.

“It sounded like the combination of a bottle rocket and a pipe bomb.”

The intensity of the heat burned into the rug in her room after she drug it out of her house. Just in enough time before the second battery skyrocketed to the roof and exploded.

“The second battery blew up and it was even more violent then the first. I was scared to look down. I though it blew my two fingers off because it was so painful,” said Wright.

A definite wake up call as she now struggles to use her hands. All the while thinking it could have been her son.

“I thought well yeah he’s 17 I can let him do it. Well would I let him hold a bomb to his face no. There is no reason for anything we put in our mouth or near our children to get up to 600 degrees,” said Wright.

Her warning to smokers to be extra cautious when looking for other ways to quit.

“Pay attention to what your kids are doing and adults pay attention there is no safe alternative to any nicotine delivery system… quitting is the only thing,” said Wright.

Wright told NBC10/FOX14 she hopes to heal soon and to return to work as a horse trainer. In the meantime, she plans to take legal action against Sony and Smok the manufacturer of the T-PRIV.

I also reached out the PR teams of both companies, but have yet to hear back.

We also visited the Vape Escape in West Monroe for lithium battery safety tips. They recommended the following tips: 

Make sure to never leave your batteries in the car.
Always make sure they are properly wrapped without any cuts.
Double check to see you’re putting them into the mod properly.
And if the batteries appear to be overheating do not ignore that warning sign.
It’s recommenced to replace the lithium batteries every year. 

NBC10/Bria Jones