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A Rapid City man speaks out about what happened to him after vaping

According to a 2019 study conducted by The Journal of Clinical investigation, vaping could lead to pneumonia.

One Rapid City man says he suffered from that illness twice after he quit smoking and turned to vaping.

“Vaping for probably about a week, and I came down with pneumonia. One morning I woke up and couldn’t breathe, and my son had to call 911,” says Ron Bray.

Bray believed vaping was the right choice at the time.

“Wasn’t that much bad against it, you know. Except that people didn’t know what it did to you,” says Bray.

Bray now has two inhalers to help him breathe, and he says it all started with the vaping.

Because of his difficulty breathing, Bray says it is hard for him to do what he loves.

“Home stuff, building stuff I can’t do anymore because I can’t breathe,” says Bray.

Now, Bray speaks out about the dangers.

“Damaging your body. I’m proof of it. I think that they have to outlaw it completely,” says Bray.

Although Bray is against vaping altogether, The Dakota Vaping Association claims it’s a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

“We will continue to fight for the 480,000 people whose lives will be lost due to tobacco-related illness each year, by providing a healthier alternative to quit smoking,” says the spokesperson for The Dakota Vaping Association, Jordan Mason.

Vaping is also seen as a way to kick the habit.

“However, the Dakota Vaping Association agrees with the CDC and FDA, these lung injuries and illnesses that have occurred are directly related to black market THC-products and are unrelated to the legal vaping industry,” says Mason.