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2 teens accused of giving 2-year-old a vaping device

State police in Pennsylvania are filing charges against two teenagers who allowed a 2-year-old boy to inhale from a vaping device while they were babysitting him.

Investigators say endangering the welfare of children charges are pending against the 18-year-old and 17-year-old who also recorded the incident and posted it to Snapchat.

In the 20 second video, a child puts what appears to be a vape pen in his mouth at least twice and begins coughing. The child also falls down and begins to cry while people are heard laughing as it all happens.

State police in Indiana County say the child is just 2 years old and its criminal investigation unit is now looking into the video.

In a tweet Monday morning, police say they have identified the people accused of allowing the child to have the vape pen.

State police say that other than coughing, the child did not display any other visible effects from inhaling from the device, which contained 3% Nicotine and no THC.

Investigators say the boy’s parents as well as children’s services have been notified by police.