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2 middle school staff members hospitalized after contact substance in vaping device

Two middle school staff members were taken to the hospital after coming in contact with a substance inside a vaping device a student was found with at the school.

The Licking Heights Local School district announced it is taking disciplinary action against a middle school student Wednesday after the student was found with the vaping device.

The district is encouraging parents to have a stern conversation with their children after the Central Middle School student was caught with a vaping device Tuesday.

The middle school principal sent a letter home to parents.

“… Administrators were made aware of a student in possession of a vaping device. Upon confiscation, two staff members came into contact with an unknown substance and experienced an adverse reaction,” the letter states.

The letter goes on to say, that the device has been turned over to the Pataskala Police Department, and it’s suspected that the substance may be a potent form of THC.

The district has been experiencing an issue with vaping for some time.

Last month, two licking heights high school students were hospitalized after vaping a suspected liquid form of marijuana.

The district says five students – all of them 16 or younger – were together when the incident occurred in the school.

James Jarvis, president of the Ohio Vaping Trade Association and owner of several Columbus vaping shops, often speaks to lawmakers about increasing the regulations on vaping products, specifically online sales where it is easy for children under the age of 18 to purchase.

“We would like to see it go a little bit further, them (buyers) having to submit an ID. And then once the product is delivered we would like to see an ID be presented to the delivery person as a signature in receipt,” says Jarvis.

Jarvis says his shop does not sell any cannabis products but says it is important to note that cannabis oil used for vaping can and should only be used in conjunction with the states medical marijuana program.

Tyler Carter/NBC