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18 Year Old Hospitalized for Vaping Injury

Jordan Cunningham’s parents, Marcia and Leon, tell Newswatch 16 one week ago, they wouldn’t have believed you if you told them their son would be sharing a seat with them on a couch at home today.

“It was they pretty much told us at one point that it wasn’t good. It was not likely he was going to make it out of there,” said Jordan’s father, Leon Cunningham.

Jordan spent the last two weeks in the hospital for what doctors called a vaping-related lung injury. He was admitted after having flu-like symptoms, chest pains, and trouble breathing.

“When he started coughing and he was getting the flu-like symptoms, I kept saying to my husband it’s that darn vape, that’s that darn vape,” said Jordan’s mother, Marcia Cunningham. “Then finally the day came, and we have it in black and white.”

“The second day in, we have to intubate because his blood stats were bad. He wasn’t breathing on his own, couldn’t breathe on his own,” said Leon.

The CDC recently released findings that most lung injuries related to vaping are caused by black market THC products. The Cunninghams say this wasn’t true in their case.

“People say, ‘Oh, this can’t happen to me. This can’t happen to me.’ Well, guess what? I can’t count how many times Jordan said, ‘It’ll never happen to me, mom. I’ll be fine. Never happen to me.’ And then to lay in the hospital and say, ‘Mom, I think I’m going to die.’ It destroys you,” Marcia added.

“Just stop vaping. It’s bad,” said Jordan. “It got me here and now I don’t want to be here. It was bad where I was, and I never want to get there again. Done vaping, done with everything, trying to get it done and save some other people’s lives. That’s all I can say.”

Jordan still has many doctor’s appointments and tests before doctors say he can return to his normal life and work. A GoFundMe has been set up to help Jordan’s family here.

According to the CDC, it has not found the cause of these types of lung injuries, just that in all cases, patients have used e-cigarettes or vaping products.

Chelsea Strub/ABC